Our #1 priority is providing you with a healthy puppy in body, mind and attitude.


We want the transition from our home to yours to be as comfortable and easy as possible for you and your new Companion Doggo puppy.

In addition to coming with the many accessories and items listed in the bullet chart, we want to send you home with a healthy and trained puppy, to help him or her more easily fit in to your home and routine!

Our Companion Doggo puppies begin training when they are a few weeks old. We teach them some basic manners such as not jumping on you, staying from under your feet while you are walking, playing gently,  and discouraging food aggression with people (if applicable to a particular puppy), we teach them to sit before eating (trust me, this will save you so much grief in the future as mannerless doggos can be quite vocal when it comes to feeding time!).

Your Companion Doggo puppy will come to you knowing basic commands of 'sit', 'no no', 'yes!' and 'come'. 

Our potty training starts very early. While puppies less than 6 weeks old cannot "hold it", they can learn to prefer some areas over others in their available space. We work with them to help them understand where it is ok to relieve themselves and we also help them to develop a bit of control. By the time they leave us, most of our Companion Doggo puppies are potty trained to our environment. 

Your puppy will also come with membership included in the Companion Doggos Community awhere you'll never have to go it alone again when it comes to questions you have about what is best for your 4 legged baby!


Included with Your New Puppy


  • Lifetime Health Guarantee
  • AKC Pet Only Registration Papers
  • Pedegree
  • Basic Manners Training
  • Potty Training
  • Crate Training
  • Appropriate Immunization
  • Blanket
  • Toys
  • Food
  • Lifetime Support
  • Free Membership in the Peer to Peer Companion Doggo Discord and Facebook Communities

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