French Bulldog Louis
French Bulldog Hollah Dae copy
Ariah Dae
Miya Pug
Yoda Pug
Isabella Pug
SBastian Pug
Isa Marvella Pug
Hollah Dae

Brindle French Bulldog (female)


Legendary Louis

Chocolate French Bulldog (male)

The Mighty Ray Lee Yoda

Brindle Pug (male)



Fawn Pug (female)


Ariah Dae

Brindle French Bulldog (female)

Holla Dae's daughter

Our Doggos

Super Healthy & Happy Pugs and French Bulldogs!

When it comes to the health and happiness of our doggos, we want the best. Longevity, thriving health, temperament – at Companion Doggos we understand how important these are. We measure our success according to our doggo’s good health and happiness.


Our Companion Doggos are truley just that -our companions. They live in our home with us and travel with us when we are lucky enough to get a chance to get away. We think of them as being a fun mix of toddlers and room mates, and they are certainly Family!


We are pleased to introduce you to our Companion Doggo family. All are registered with American Kennel Club. We are excited at the possibility that you may be joining our family and understand you may be curious about your puppy's family tree. 

Isa Marvella

Fawn Pug (female)

Daughter of Isabella & S'Bastian

Miya's Mirah Kewl

Fawn Pug (female)

Daughter of Miya & S'Bastian

St. S'Bastian

Brindle Pug (male)

Isabella Pugsalini

Brindle Pug (female)

Daughter of Miya & Yoda

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